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If you have not been here yet....

If you have not been here yet, you must come. For one day, for a few days… Maybe you will then miss this place and you will always want to come back here. And maybe you don’t know yet that you will fall in love as many already have. See for yourself the multitude of places that can enchant even those who have seen the most beautiful spots in the world. Here, every turn of the road brings something new, and every mountain reached reveals a new landscape.

But even if you have visited the Nowy Sącz land many times and you know it well, the website you are now visiting will remind and show you places dear to your heart which you might be just missing. Let the Nowy Sącz land’s charm cause that, wherever you are now, you open any page of this website like a fairytale from your childhood and it transports you to your dream land.

Why is it that people keep wanting to come back here? See for yourself. Check it out in person because even the most beautiful words and pictures do not tell everything about the uniqueness of this land.

The Nowy Sącz county invites you!